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Simplify, Strengthen and Grow Your Business in Asia

With over 10 years’ experience in enabling successful business development for our clients, Next Step encourages and equips organisations and business owners in the marketplace to be effective and successful in building momentum for their business.  We provide the resources and know how for strategic thinking and through our advisory, consulting and training, we build leadership, develop business acumen and achieve business execution excellence which enables our clients to realize their potential in Asia.

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What We Do For You

The Next Step for Your Business

Next Step offers an array of services to fit a wide range of businesses. Whether you’re a small, local business or a bustling multinational with global outreach, we can help you elaborate business strategy and succeed. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our expertise and how Next Step can work for you.


Insight Asia

Market Intelligence

With years of experience in countless Insight Asia projects, we’re ready to take your business to the next level. At Next Step, we provide the market intelligence and end-to-end consultancy services in preparing your business Asia Markets Entry – a highly competitive business landscape yet with exceptional growth opportunities.

In today’s increasingly interconnected and volatile business world, the pressure on businesses to be agile and constantly seek new opportunities is immense. Next Step is committed to help our clients seek out such opportunities in new markets and fine tune their business penetration and marketing strategies through the Asia insights and analysis we deliver.  Our proprietary Competitive Heat Map methodologies and analysis (NS-CHMA) provides and elaborates the details of your business landscape and potential level of playing field in Asia in a consolidated piece of research project.

​We’re proud to help you to shape unique perspectives on how leading companies structure leadership and plan for business entry in the diverse Asia markets.  We’re proud to help you to form strategies that inspire, motivate and lead high-performing teams in Asia.

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Business Development and Business Renewal

Grow Your Business with Next Step

It is time to venture your business in Asia.  In order to be more resilient and better at making decisions to grow, you are challenged to manage multiple duties efficiently in a new or renewed business environment that you may find it daunting attributed by unfamiliar culture, languages and disruptive time zone. You will need to establish the local sales force; generate and manage new and existing leads; design and create new business plan and marketing strategy that fit the Asian markets; continue building upon the marketing strategy and hire the right business development team for effective execution.  Depending on the industry and sector you operate in, an average timeframe of 9 - 12 months can be expected for the required upfront investment.  

Next Step is your trusted partner in Asia that provides insights and solutions to reduce noise, simplify process, and save unnecessary investment of efforts and time.  With our decades of expertise dealing with solutions that involves from C-level executives to ground level sales force/operations, we can work, hand in hand with you, step by step to identify shared goals of your business in Asia as well as strategic approaches that lead to the goals.

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Sales and Marketing

Building Sales Momentum for You

Confronted with a shifting competitive landscape, it is crucial for your organization to optimise the performance of your sales force. Your sales and marketing team is a major growth engine and a critical source of market feedback. Due to constraints of resources and time, you may not have the right people, processes, and technology to deploy in Asia when it comes to market penetration and market entry. Due to scarce and expensive resources, you simply may not have the necessary infrastructure to start off immediately.

Firstly, you must find the right person in Asia. Regardless of your organization’s size, talent acquisition in Asia requires effort and time-consuming process. One of the reasons why sales force recruitment is so difficult lies with the cultural differences, language barriers and highly localized models of successful sales development.

Secondly, the talent pool engaged may be limited due to the expectations and industry-specific criteria of your organisation.   Furthermore, the recruiter has to be experienced and skilled in the Asian context.  Thereafter, the salespeople on board need to be trained and developed to form a dynamic sales team through new market challenges.

Next Step is one of the most successful and agile sales and marketing outsourcing resources provider in Asia covering areas of branding, market penetration, building sales momentum and generating sustainable growth. Let us help your organization achieving the corporate sales goals and build competitive advantages in Asia markets.

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